BEYL Skincare

Creative Director: Harry Hoskyn

Editor & CGI Artist: James Cundill

Copywriter: Zoe Knight

Bucherer 1888 International Women's Day 2021

Creative Director: Matt Brooke

Copywriter: Zoe Knight

Bucherer 1888

Valentine's Day 2021

Art Direction: Char Maynard

Copywriter: Zoe Knight

Design: Jack Houghton 


Ouronyx #Beautyhaspower 

Creative Director: Jess Clark

Art Direction: Vitor Milito

Copywriter: Zoe Knight

Screenshot 2020-12-09 at 16.36.44.png

As seen in,



Executive Creative Director: Robin Harvey

Creative Director: Harry Hoskyn

Copywriter: Zoe Knight 

Creative: Char Maynard

Image Research: Erika Moore

Business Development: Georgia Forbes

In partnership with Change of Paradigm & Artspace

Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation

OKA #NoHouseRules

Creative Director: Jess Clark

Art Direction: Clare Merrick

Strategy Director: Christianne Hamilton

Copywriter: Zoe Knight

Photographer: Chris Rodes 

Director: Toto Vivian 

Stylist and Set Designer: Ursula Lake

Screenshot 2020-12-06 at 19.51.58.png

Rimmel London #MakeMeScary

Halloween 2020

Code8 Beauty Decoded

Creative Director: George Yandell

Design: Rianna Read

Copywriter: Zoe Knight

Photographer: Letty Schmiterlow

Makeup: Lauren Parsons

Hair: Alex Brownsell

Styling: Cathy Kasterine

Screenshot 2020-12-05 at 10.59.08.png

Rimmel London #WrappedInRoseGold

Creative Director: James Barnfield

Art Direction: Clare Merrick

Strategy Director: Emily Brown

Copywriters: Andreia Pedro & Zoe Knight

Photographer: Benedikt Frank

Director: Toto Vivian 

Stylist: Oliver Vaughn 

Makeup: Rebecca Wordingham

Hair: Chris Southern

British Fashion Council

The Fashion Awards 2019

Screenshot 2020-12-07 at 10.18.43.png
Screenshot 2020-12-07 at 10.18.36.png

Executive Creative Director: Robin Derrick

Associate Creative Director: Ben Perdue 

Art Direction: Clare Merrick 

Senior Editor: Jack Kiteley

Copywriter: Zoe Knight

Design: Ife Oyetade

Copy brief: to create contemporary slogans to be displayed at the Royal Albert Hall & provide supers for 'The Year in Fashion 2019' film. 

Slogans included:

"Design the future"

"Green is the new black"

"Waste size not waist size"

"Either way, fashion remains"

"Fashion is the art of change"

"What's hot? The planet"

"You look great, wear it again"

Screenshot 2020-12-07 at 10.18.59.png
Screenshot 2020-12-07 at 21.29.53.png
Screenshot 2020-12-07 at 21.29.46.png

As featured on Suzy Menkes' Instagram.